Emergency Garage Door Repair: Get the Help You Need Quickly!

Garage doors work with many parts that make up this mechanism that opens and closes easily. In addition, the door connects to the opener. Unfortunately, it happened to us that the garage door did not want to open or close and even got stuck in the middle. For many reasons, these things can happen. But what happens to the garage door causes us problems in an emergency. In this article, we will talk about the causes and solutions.

Causes of malfunctions in the garage door:

The opener does not work: this is the most common problem and several reasons it may happen. One is that the door was damaged too many times, and it caused damage to the opener. There is no power to the opener or a very old opener that has stopped working.

Garage door spring problems: Garage door springs are very important for opening and closing the door. If one of the springs breaks, it may cause the door not to close or open.

Problems with the garage door opener chain: The garage door opening chains can also break, which will prevent the garage door from opening and closing.

Cables: If one of the cables is torn or detached from the rail, the garage door will open to the side and may break.

The rails are bent: The door will not close or open properly when the rails are bent.

The rollers are bad: If the rollers are bad, the door will not move smoothly, which may cause it to get stuck.

Old and cluttered weather-strip: When the weather-strip is old and cluttered, it will not keep the door tightly closed, which will cause the door to open and close by itself.

Dirty sensor: If the sensor is dirty or blocked, he will not be able to detect if something is interfering with the door or not, which will prevent it from opening or closing.

Solutions for repairing garage doors in an emergency:

  • If the opener does not work, try turning it into manual mode and open it with your hands.
  • If the garage door spring is broken, try to find another way because you will not be able to open the extension door that one of the springs is broken, so I would not waste time on it.
  • If the garage door opener chain is broken, you can replace it yourself or have a professional do it.
  • If the tracks are bent, you can still force the door to open in manual mode
  • If the wheels are bad, you can also open them in manual mode.
  • If the sensor is dirty or blocked, you can clean it yourself and quickly check if something is blocking it or if it is not tuned.

I hope this article has helped you and given you some solutions for repairing garage doors in an emergency. Remember that garage door repair should always be done by a professional, and never try to do it yourself if you are not sure how to do it. Contact us today for all your garage door repair needs!