The Complete Guide to Garage Door Maintenance and Repair – West Vancouver, BC.

If you have a garage door installed in your house or commercial building, you’d probably better know how to keep them functional as long as possible and when to order the garage door maintenance and repair services. Our Company provides a full range of residential and commercial garage door repairs in West Vancouver, and today we’d go over the top garage door malfunction signs to pay attention.

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Garage doors consist of a door with all elements and a door opener – the gadget sending the signals to move the door.

With various garage door types, one of the most popular requests we receive from house owners and commercial buildings management is an overhead garage door repair. Not because this type of door is easily broken and needs repair too often. Overhead garage doors are one of the most popular doors in Vancouver garages. Overhead doors can roll up in one piece or sections.

When to Order an Overhead Door Repair in West Vancouver?

  • The garage door won’t open or close

If the keypad’s not damaged and the remote batteries are replaced, the problem can be in a motor. If you need a garage door repair in West Vancouver, our Company’s experts will be happy to help you troubleshoot any problems with a garage door.

  • The door makes a noise when moving.

Creaking and grinding sounds when the garage door moves may signify some part’s failure. Such garage door parts as rollers, hinges, cable, and spring wear out with time and are overloaded. The worn springs are commonly a reason for slow-moving. The immediate garage door spring repair or replacement is required when the part is fully rusty, old, and about to tear. Routine maintenance is essential to keep your garage door operating smoothly and safely. Contact the local garage door repair company in West Vancouver if you notice any weird sounds while the door is moving. 

  • The garage door won’t be fully open or close.

Safety sensors possibly need to be readjusted or realigned if the garage door makes a gap between the door and the floor. The reason for incomplete opening/ closing may result from damaged or aged rollers or shifted track. Trust this case to a knowledgeable garage door repair technician to get the malfunction reason identified and fixed.

  • The garage door is jamming or moving jerkily.

When the garage door is not moving smoothly as it’s supposed to, it’s more likely to happen because of a bent track. Unfortunately, the fix and alignment of a track are never a problem for a qualified master. 

No need to mention that regular garage door maintenance is highly recommended for all types of garage doors to avoid situations when worn parts completely break and destroy the entire door and opening system.

Commercial Garage Door Repair In West Vancouver.

Commercial buildings have the same types of garage doors installed. But they are the way heavier, made from durable materials, and designed to carry much more load than garage doors in private houses. Commercial garage doors regular maintenance and urgent repair are required to avoid any accidents and back car flow to normal. If you are looking for commercial garage door repair services in West Vancouver, our local Company will be happy to fulfill all your needs. 

We commit to providing a high-level garage door service in West Vancouver:

  • Overhead door repair 
  • Garage door opener repair 
  • Garage door spring repair 
  • Garage door cable repair
  • Garage door hinge repair
  • Garage door rollers and track

Contact us today to explain your particular situation, and we’ll do our best to get the problem solved.