The Definitive Guide To Door Repair

Modern doors in commercial buildings and private properties are distinguished by stylish design and technological aspects. Most commercial doors are automated to let in a large number of people. If regular doors were installed in public places with high traffic, such as shopping malls or bus stations, and people opened and closed them manually, the door hinges would wear out very quickly and require frequent door hinge repair or replacement.

Commercial Door Repair

The most popular types of commercial doors include aluminum glass doors, fiberglass doors, steel doors, wood doors, and glass doors.

Automatic door installation in Vancouver is getting popular nowadays, and it pays off the service cost, as those doors function longer than manual. Depending on the opening mechanism, automatic doors can be revolving, sliding, or folding doors. Of course, automatic doors require regular maintenance and immediate repair when failure.

A typical element of commercial doors is an automatic door opener – thе device sending the signals to related hardware to open the door. The automatic door opener is activated by a touchless sensor or when someone pushes a button. Not only commercial doors have an automatic door opener. It’s also popular in private houses, where disabled people move in a wheelchair or have problems moving around. An automatic door opener can be installed in any door of commercial property or private houses along with a lock and knob, door operator unit, automatic strike, and remote control.

If any of these parts of the automatic door opener fail, it may cause other door opening or closing troubles.

If you are looking for installation or repair of an automatic door opener in Vancouver and related hardware, contact our door services today for a consultation.

Door Installation Services

The cost and time of commercial door installation vary on the type of door and the building needs. 

Our door service company provides commercial and residential door installation services in Vancouver. Every day we help existing and new customers to choose the right door for their business or personal needs, keep their doors moving smooth, and troubleshoot any issues.

Door Hinge Repair

The most common door repair requests for apartments and houses relate to door hinge repair and patio sliding door repair.

The heavy door weight and regular opening lead to a wear-on of hinges. Sometimes the door can come off the hinge due to sharp and inaccurate movements. We offer fast and reliable door hinge repair in Vancouver with a labor warranty.

Patio Sliding Door Repair

When it comes to patio sliding door repair, we usually have to deal with sliding door rollers, screen doors, and handle issues.

If your patio door does not slide or makes noise moving, your screen door is broken, the handle is stuck, or you have any other issue with a patio sliding door, we will be happy to troubleshoot them promptly. We are a trusted door service company and have been providing patio sliding door repair Vancouver for many years. Contact us today to discuss your case and get your door repair or installment services well done.